Dyssegaard Green Transition

For the past 20 years, Dyssegaard has grown Christmas trees.

Now it’s over! Our remaining trees – approx. 5000 pcs. – should be felled and crushed, so that the four hectares can again be converted to fields and cultivated with grain.

However, since we started with Christmas tree operations in the late 1990s, a lot has happened in relation to climate change, CO2 emissions, and biodiversity.

The decision has, therefore, been made. The plantations remain plantations with a focus on nature and green conversion. However, it will still be possible to deliver 1st class trove trees from the plantations between 6 meters and 20 meters high in the coming years.

The CO2 binding from the conifers amounts to 24 tonnes per year. The plantations will be arranged with light open areas with brush fences and areas with dead wood. The intention is to create a first-class biotope for humans, mammals, and insects.