Welcome to Dyssegaard

Dyssegaard is originally a 400-year-old half-timbered farm situated in the idyllic nature-filled Southern Zealand, about 10 km north of Vordingborg. The estate lies close to the highway exit “40,” and the driving time from the capital city of Copenhagen is less than one hour.

Flemming Johansen and Anne-Marie Buemann purchased the courtyard farm in deplorable condition in 1995, but since then, the buildings have been completely transformed. Today Dyssegaard stands out as a modern farm focusing on production, such as conventional farming and Christmas tree production. The area is about 50 hectares. Dyssegaard is situated in a culturally diverse part of Denmark; therefore, actions have been taken in order to develop further initiatives.

Dyssegaard can now offer Bed and Breakfast and an all-around holiday apartment for customers. As the Southern part of Zealand offers a great variety of wildlife, Dyssegaard also provides nature-related events.

B&B and holiday apartment

Take a break from your stressed every day life and book your next holiday at Dyssegaard's B&B / holiday apartment and enjoy the scenic setting.  We have several awards for being the best B&B and Holiday Apartment within the area.  Please feel free to contact us either through our website, Booking.com or Facebook.

Nature and hunting

Cultivation of nature is an essential factor at Dyssegaard. In the past years, the grounds have been embellished with natural fences, plantations, and ponds. These initiatives make Dyssegaard a nature wonder with a large establishment of wildlife, beautiful trees, and bushes. The use of pesticides is kept to a minimum; instead, the focus is on detailed nature nursing. From one of the observation towers, you may be accompanied and observe the wild game in their natural habitat.