Christmas trees

Dyssegaard has in the past fifteen years manufactured and sold Christmas trees, both directly from the farm and through export to various countries all over Europe. There is open for customers every weekend in December, but it is also possible to book a special appointment. A parking lot is available for customers.

Trees are offered in almost all heights and sizes and if there is a need for assistance in terms of cutting down the tree, that can be done, too. Dyssegaard provides the extra service to net and sharpen the stem of the tree. It is also attainable to attach a wooden stand on the customers Christmas tree.

Customers have the option either to buy a tree from the plantation or select a specimen on display. Customers can furthermore order their Christmas trees at Dyssegaard. Accompanying the Christmas tree sale there is also a Christmas boutique where a wide variety of holiday treats are sold. There are warm drinks, sweets of different kinds as well as holiday decorations. Dyssegaard's homemade treats produced from fruits and berries are also available in the boutique.

Our Christmas boutique takes cash and credit cards!